Mary on Saturday


Unframed Size 11.5x13 -- Mary On Saturday -- Why is this portrait of Mary so significant as to be included in this series of the life and ministry of Jesus? I personally feel that it is a reflection of the inner struggle of all of humanity. That reflection of perplexity we see in her, is similar to that big question that everyone asks, at one point or another, Is Jesus really and truly the Savior for us all?" In reality, Mary is the only person amidst the whole human race that knew, beyond any shadow of doubt or question, that Jesus was VIRGIN BORN! She knew also, that Jesus was born to be the Messiah and Savior that the scriptures had foretold was to come. BUT, like all of the rest of the Israelite nation, she could not comprehend the death of the Savior. At least, not until a few days later...

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